Time to think

I’m sitting in the Disney Car Center at 7:20 a.m. The sun is coming up and the morning haze is staring to clear. You can see the humidity shrouding the trees. It’s supposed to be a cool 88 degrees today with temperatures climbing into the mid-90s soon.

We’ve been at Disney for 5 days now, squeezing as much activity into the mornings and afternoons while keeping Anna’s nap — which has been a much needed break. Anna has really enjoyed herself. She has her favorite rides: Dumbo, “London” (the Peter Pan ride), It’s a Small World, Under the Sea, People Mover, Carousel of Progress, Spaceship Earth, and the list goes on. It’s been fun watching her get excited going from place to place. Every time we leave we explain we are coming back and there’s more time to do other things when we return. She’s been taking it pretty well. No big blow-ups or fits. The car ride home usually involves music requests or play time negotiations. She always wants an extra five minutes to play before bed. But eventually when she’s tucked in bed it doesn’t take long for her to sleep. She gets pretty tired.

This is the time when Liz and I get to plan the afternoon, relax or recoup before we start the post-nap bonanza. But even though we’re having a great time, I feel a little lazy. I miss being productive. I miss the sense of accomplishment. And even though we do “accomplish” quite a bit in the park I miss work. I miss my rhythms of daily life.

Can you have too much fun?

I thought if we had one day of activity followed by one day of relaxing that would help but then I feel like I am not doing anything. I’d just be sitting around. So then I think if I interspersed work times with play I would feel better because work and play is balanced. I don’t know. There’s too many factors at work to really nail it down. It just feels a bit odd that at the “happiest place on earth” I’d be happier home.

We’ll see. Life seems to be settling down into a new lifestyle living in our first house. Maybe it’s just time to settle in the groove and run this course? Travel has been a constant companion for the past 10 years. What if this is the time where we stay more and travel less? I guess time will tell. For now I have a car that needs to be fixed and a family waiting to head to the park. I’m sure the emotions will sort themselves out over time.

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Time to think

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